Oil paintings for sale

Dunsinnan skyline, with highland cattle and moody sky.

The Sidlaw hills between Perth and Dundee, in Perthshire just north of the Tay (the biggest freshwater river in the UK). The Sidlaws are one of the world’s most ancient volcanic ranges or rock formations, according to the display in the Perth Museum. Here, Macbeth’s castle, atop a 4500 year old neolithic hill fort, is picked out by a moon or pale sun. This scene is drawn from a walk taken one April, the first we did in that area – with the light beginning to draw out the growing days are long. You can go to this spot, and visit the cows too. The Highland cattle live on the outskirts of Dundee along from its airport: a blond, a ginger and two blacks (one of these is a duplicate). The hedges in Perthshire are old beech, and trimmed with big machines but not laid. They are alive with daffodils in May, thickly growing along every verge. The deer don’t like daffodils, only tulips! Little roe deer roam the gardens, and bark if offended. The barking of the deer – hares are everywhere and pheasants magnificent.

Oil painting size 120cm w x 80 cm h on canvas

Price £2000

Shipping double boxed by ParcelForce may be extra.